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Little Willy Kamado

Little Willy 26"with Kamado Pad

My Willard grill station kits fill the bill for serious backyard enthusiasts without breaking the bank. They come with ample room, a professional outdoor grill, and a pad for your Kamado smoker or cooler. Don't be fooled. These masonry grill surrounds are much more substantial than their pictures may suggest. This upscale grill station comes with Sizzler Series premium grill at an unbeatable price. Willard grill surrounds are impressive - you won't look like you saved a few paychecks on your grill station.  It will be the most impressive outdoor kitchen in your neighborhood.  Jealousy guaranteed.

*We can't guarantee your friends and neighbors will openly admit jealousy.

  • 26" Summerset Sizzler grill included (LP or NG)
  • Non combustible 24"x24" pad for your Kamado smoker
  • Impeccable professional grade construction
  • Masonry construction withstands weather and abuse
  • Lifetime warranty on grill construction,cooking grates, burners, and valvesment

Choose from three colors:

Orion Bethany Ledge Blend

 Bethany Ledge Blend

Orion Charcoal Blend

 Charcoal Blend

Orion Timberwood Blend

 Timberwood Blend

You will love your "Little Willy"

"I need a cooler and a sink," you might say. But if you don't build a fully stocked kitchen outdoors, you'll be running inside to your real kitchen anyway. Admittedly, full outdoor kitchens are fantastic! However, somewhere along the way, the backyard feeling is lost- moreover the affordability. You can avoid these hassles and expenses while still having a high quality outdoor "built-in" cooking station.

That is why I recommend "Little Willy" outdoor grill island. He doesn't need electrical or plumbing hook-up. He is low maintenance and can withstand the elements. And he can still anchor your outdoor living area and make you feel like a badass grill commander! Leave the fridge and hassles behind- get a Little Willy. Your friends will be jealous.


Little Willy demands respect. He is a high quality outdoor cooking behemouth. He has ample prep space. His fit and finish are impeccable. He is high performance yet low maintenance. Willy is everything you need and nothing you don't. Go Willy!

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Little Willy is next level. He has ample grilling surfaces - much more than "budget" grills. Even his burners are top notch. Everything on Willy is Stainless steel! Wrap all his brains and brawn in a bomb-proof masonry shell and you get the ultimate BBQ island you can afford.

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Every backyard chef is probably not a skilled mason. So I made Little Willy dead simple to build. If you have a spare afternoon and can use simple tools you probably already own, then you can build your own BBQ grill island! No special skills or tools needed.

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Willard Outdoor DIY Grill kit with built-in Summerset Propane Grill
Willard Outdoor DIY Grill Station kit with built-in Summerset Propane Grill and Kamado or Cooler Pad
Willard Outdoor DIY Grill Station kit with built-in Summerset Propane Grill and Kamado or Cooler Pad
Willard Grill Station detail

24" x 24" countertops

Willard Grill Station detail LP Tank

DIY friendly LP tank hook-up

Alternative build for Gas-line hook-up

What makes Willard unique

There are hundreds of outdoor kitchen and BBQ island kits out there from which to choose. But Willard is a cut above the rest. It is designed to last "forever." To achieve this, I chose quality materials and skipped gimmicks and maintenance traps. I made sure to include what you need and nothing you don't. If I did included it, it is long lasting and low maintenance. Nobody wants a fancy grill island that won't light and has stone veneer falling off it, or stone-look plastics that fade and/or melt over time.

At his heart is a professional level outdoor all-stainless built-in grill. This grill has all high-quality components. It only lacks bells and whistles. This easy to clean grill is surrounded by a structure of 8" solid masonry. This units composing this grill station also give Little Willy his characteristic stone appearance without the hassle of real stone, or fake stone veneer. There will be no panels or pieces of Willy falling off or failing after years of living outside. The countertops are fiber-reinforced cast concrete built to withstand years of abuse. Everything on Willy is fireproof and non-combustible. There is nothing on Willy to rust.

Ample Grill Size

More notable than it looks, this bad boy has three stainless tube burners that put out 12K BTU each. Features 560 in² cooking surface, All stainless construction, 8mm grates, Briquette cooking system, double lined hood, and, and... You get the idea. Manufacturer Link

Willard Grill Station inside close-up detail
Willard Grill Station grill open

Dual Fuel Options

Each Grill ships with an LP (Liquid Propane) valve installed for immediate traditional use. Do you cook with Natural Gas? Each Grill comes standard with the conversion kit at no extra charge. There are even specific instructions for building your grill station whether you decide to use a tank or plumb it into a gas line.

Willard Grill Station LP close-up detail

LP Tank

​The default set-up. Fast and efficient. Build your Willard Grill Station to hold a standard LP tank for true ease of installation.

Willard Grill Station Gas Line close-up detail

Gas Line

Perhaps you want to plumb your grill into your gas system. Each kit can be built for this set-up with the included pieces. 

Willard 26 Info/Specs

Willard Grill Station Kamado Pad close-up detail

Large size shown. Kamado not included

Download Willard 26 Kamado instructions

Please be informed. Download and look through the instructions. They have all the dimensions and materials included with each kit. They also will show you every step of the process, answering almost every question I receive. 

Little Willy Grill Island

"Little Willy"

Littel Willy BBQ Island w/ Kamado Pad

26" Grill Island w/ Pad

Big Willy w/Kamado

32" Grill Island w/ Pad

Big Willy BBQ Island

"Big Willy"