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These are actual photos and testimonials from some of my great customers.  Customers get excited about my products and want to share their projects and hard work.  They should be proud.  All these photos look great. I am sharing these Romanstone reviews with you so you can see what your neighbors are accomplishing.  Thanks to everyone  for sharing your testimonials. I always love seeing my customers creations.

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Romanstone Customer Reviews

It has been fantastic, my wife and I have said almost every night since putting the fireplace to together that it was the best purchase we have ever made. It has made our backyard an awesome place to retreat to.

The best thing about this product is that it is simple and easy to build. This thing took me 8 hours to build over the 2 days that it says to do for dry time.  And the product looks amazing fully built.  Awesome job guys.

There really isn't anything I would change about this product. If I had to leave something here I would say that in your video it says make sure to use your big a** square to keep it squared up. I was really looking forward to that being in the kit, but I guess that would be a little crazy to put on the pallet. ?

All of my neighbors now want to buy one of these and have me build it for them. I am so glad I stumbled across this product. Thank you again.

James C

So glad I found your Fremont fireplace kit as I was surfing the web. We want you to know our entire experience from order to completion was nothing but total wow!!!!!!!!

The entire build was quick and easy, even for a 58 year old with stitches in my shoulder. The wife has added all the, shall we say finishing touches, and we could not be happier or prouder of our investment.

Thank you,

Steve and Vicki D