Willard Grill Stations make customizing your outdoor grill area a breeze.

Willard 26

Willard 26 w/ kamado pad

Willard 32 w/ kamado pad

Willard 32

Willard Grill Stations

Quality you can afford. This upscale grill station comes with Sizzler Series premium grill at an unbeatable price. Designed with careful precision to ensure optimal airflow and even heating, this grill gives its higher-priced competitors a run for their money in both durability and grilling performance. The Sizzler will impress the most discriminating of grillers. Couple this with our new grill surround kit and you have the best grill station in the neighborhood. Jealousy guaranteed*.

  • GAS GRILL INCLUDED (two sizes)
  • Large Cooking Surfaces
  • Impeccable professional grade construction
  • Lifetime warranty on grill construction and manufacturer defects
  • Lifetime warranty on Summerset frame and housing
  • Lifetime warranty on cooking grates, burners, and valves

*We can't guarantee your friends and neighbors will openly admit jealousy.

Orion Bethany Ledge Blend

Orion Bethany Ledge Blend

Orion Charcoal Blend

Orion Charcoal Blend

Orion Timberwood Blend

Orion Timberwood Blend

What makes us unique

Romanstone is a brand that treats its customers well and delivers a high-quality product at a low price. I hand select and design every component of every kit to be of the highest value. I don't cut corners to save money. At the same time, I don't sell you want you don't need. I choose only the best products and designs that will make your outdoor living space great - no more; no less. Moreover, all of my kits compliment one another. They can be easily combined to create the outdoor area you have always wanted.

Because all of our kits are quickly built, you can decide to assemble them yourself and save even more money. If our product isn't right for you, I will let you know. You don't want to be disappointed that our kit won't fit your needs after you spend thousands of dollars with us. Therefore, if you need any help, or have any questions, contact me.

Why you will love my Willard grill stations

Outdoor Kitchens are great, but they can get costly fast. If you think remodeling a standard kitchen can get expensive, try building one outdoors. Besides, you need to have it under roof. As you may see, the expense adds up quickly. Not to worry, most people don't need a full kitchen outside. If you don't build a fully stocked kitchen outdoors, you'll be running inside to the real kitchen repeatedly.

There is nothing wrong with that option. However, somewhere along the way the outdoors is lost- moreover the affordability. Therefore, I have decided to offer outdoor grilling stations you can leave out in the weather. They don't need electrical or plumbing hook-up. You can avoid these hassles and expenses while still having a high quality outdoor "built-in" cooking station. My Willard grill station kits fill the bill for serious backyard enthusiasts without breaking the bank. They come with ample room, a professional outdoor grill to weather the elements, and an optional pad for your smoker or cooler. Don't be fooled. These masonry grill surrounds are much larger than their pictures may suggest. Leave the fridge inside- get a Willard.


​These grill stations are large and in charge. These are professional command stations that demand respect - and may cause envy. We chose quality and performance - and it shows. The fit and finish are impeccable. Your friends will surely be jealous.


​This grill is expert level. It has ample main cooking surfaces - much more sizable than "budget" grills, and even the burners are top notch. The "Big Willy" even has a rear infrared burner that puts out 15K! Everything on it is Stainless steel! View the specs here.


​Every backyard chef has different wants and needs. So I made a grill station for every size and budget. There is even an option to add a stand for your Kamado smoker. We also offer accessories like rotisseries and covers for your investment.

24" x 24" countertops

DIY friendly LP tank hook-up

Rotisserie available for all models

Choose Your Grill Size

Willard 26" stainless gas grill outdoor grilling station kit

Willard 26" stainless gas grill outdoor grilling station kit

26" Grill

More notable than it looks, this bad boy has three stainless tube burners that put out 12K BTU each. Features 560 in² cooking surface, All stainless construction, 8mm grates, Briquette cooking system, double lined hood, and, and... You get the idea.

Willard 32" stainless gas grill outdoor grilling station kit

Willard 32" stainless gas grill outdoor grilling station kit

32" Grill

Undeniably HUGE, this grill has four stainless tube burners that put out 12K BTU each, plus a 15K BTU infra-red back burner. Features 795 in² cooking surface, All stainless construction, 8mm grates, Briquette cooking system, double lined hood... The list goes on and on.

Dual Fuel Options

Each Grill ships with an LP (Liquid Propane) valve installed for immediate traditional use. Do you cook with Natural Gas? Each Grill comes standard with the conversion kit at no extra charge. There are even specific instructions for building your grill station whether you decide to use a tank or plumb it into a gas line.

LP Tank

​The default set-up. Fast and efficient. Build your Willard Grill Station to hold a standard LP tank for true ease of installation.

Plumbed in

Perhaps you want to plumb your grill into your gas system. Each kit can be built for this set-up with the included pieces. 

Add a Kamado Pad

Willard is an expert grill station system for expert grillers. Serious grillers need series grills, so I added a Kamado pad option for all of you out there who seriously like their grills, seriously. Check the dimensions to make sure your Kamado will fit. Most brands "Large" size and smaller will fit. Extra Large, oval, and other accessories/smokers may not (Ovals may fit better facing out from the side). Check the dimensions to be sure. Kamado smoker/grill not included - or even sold by Romanstone. Don't worry, my entire grill station is completely non-combustible.

Large size shown. Kamado not included

Build How you Choose

Lefty, righty, conservative, liberal - To each their own.  Every kit can be built facing whichever way suits your needs. Of course this won't matter on the standard kits as they are symmetrical.  




Please be informed. Download and look through the instructions. They have all the dimensions and materials included with each kit. They also will show you every step of the process. These files can answer almost every question you have. Take your time to look these over now, before you buy. Plan ahead to achieve the best outdoor living space.

Even "Little Willy" is a substantial grill station. Drawn to scale. Roman Stone is 5' 10".

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Darren J

No cuts, no last minute trips to the hardware store, all inclusive easy to follow instructions.

Kim R

We love it! Our neighbors love it also! It has completed our backyard oasis! Thank you !

Jason C

Only took me 8 hours to install the fireplace (2 people). Words can't describe how amazing it turned out.