My Upsacle Fire Pit is an instant backyard centerpiece to gather around.
Orion Fire pit - Latessa

Orion Fire pit - Latessa

Latessa Fire Pit

Fire seekers rejoice! Our upscale Latessa Fire Pit adds the centerpiece to your backyard parties. The Latessa firepit features a large diameter and impressive height. The back wall design allows it to be positioned nearer fences and property lines. The shape helps determine seating areas in smaller backyards or patio layouts that don't need or want a full 360 seating area. You will love the way the light and shadows of the fire dances on the back wall. Don't buy any old fire pit - Make a statement with a fire pit you can build your backyard (party) around.

  • 52" outside diameter
  • 36" inside diameter
  • 40" height
  • 12" tall shortest wall
  • Lovely backdrop for fire light display
  • Free shipping in the contiguous US

Bethany Ledge Blend

Charcoal Blend

Timberwood Blend

What makes us unique

Whats not to love? We are a company that treats its customers well and delivers a high quality product at great price.  I hand select and design every component of every kit to be of the highest value.  Corners are not cut to save money. Only the best products and designs that will make your outdoor living space great are chosen - no more; no less.  All of my kits are easily built. You can decide to assemble them yourself and save even more money.  At the same time, I won't sell you want you don't need. If my product isn'y right for you, I will let you know.  You don't want to be disappointed that our kit won't fit after you spend thousands of dollars with me. So, if you need any help, or have any questions, contact me.   

Why you will love the Latessa Fire Pit

Of all my DIY kits, nothing is faster or easier to install than the Latessa. This upscale fire pit has a huge presence in any backyard setting. Instead of a fire pit thrown out in the middle of the back forty, this pit excels in more personal outdoor spaces. The directionality of this fire pit kit allows you to better control the layout and flow of your gathering areas. Your Latessa can be placed closer the boundaries of outdoor living spaces as it does not need all-around seating.  As a corner accent, it is great at reflecting heat and reflecting the warm glow of the fire.


My Latessa Fire Pit is designed to be quickly installed. All the pieces you need are included. There is no cutting required. Simply stack and glue the pieces together as shown in the step by step instructions.


You don't have to spend a fortune to have a great backyard. By using my pre-engineered kits, you can easily build (or have built) an outdoor living space and save money.


Not every backyard and patio is the same. People and their needs differ. That is why I offer other kits to complement your fire pit. Make your special space the way you want.

Orion Fire pit - Latessa

Orion Fire pit - Latessa

Orion Fire pit - Latessa


Please be informed. Download and look through the instructions. They have all the materials included with each kit. They also include all the dimensions as well as every step of the process.  Almost every question you have can probably be answered in these files.

Latessa instructions (PDF)

Blocks are 4" x 8" x 12" nominal.  All dimensions approximate.