Circle Paver Kit

Two Circle Kits are use in our new Party Pad kit - Timberwood shown

Once a hardscape paving staple, Circle paver kits are getting harder and harder to find.  In fact, many companies have quit manufacturing them.  Fret not. You have found the source for high quality concrete circle paving kits. The layout is simple and fast. These can also be used to make curving walkways without the need for cuts.

  • One kit makes a 8.5' diameter circle
  • Two kits make up to 12.5' diameter circle
  • Sold in full pallets only
  • pallet weight is 1840 lbs.

Our paver circle kits come in four classic colors:

Terra Cotta Blend Circle Kit

Terra Cotta Blend

Timberwood Blend

Timberwood Blend

Bethany Ledge Blend

Bethany Ledge Blend

Sandstone Blend

Sandstone Blend

The folks at Roman Stone could not have made this easier! From order to delivery it was smooth as silk, and my landscaper had NO TROUBLE following the pattern/instructions to install my fabulous cobble circle.

Jane B

Jane B / Satisfied Customer 

Why you will love your Circle Paver kit

The paver circle kit is a staple of any hardscaper's arsenal of tools in creating beautiful outdoor living areas. You can use these circular paver kits to make circles, half circles, as well as easily create meandering walkways and other creative elements. Note: Since the center circle is 6" and each layer consists of 6" pavers, you will always build in half foot diameters (4.5', 5.5', 6.5' ...). One paver circle kit has enough (plus extras) to create an 8'6" (8.5') diameter circle. Two kits can be put together for a 12'6" (12.5') diameter circle*.

*For circles that are larger than 12.5' diameter, the pattern only calls for rectaingles.  Therefore, it is cheaper and easier to use a locally sourced paver (standard 60mm thick) for successive courses. All additional rows call for using rectangular stones only. Using circle kits to add additional rows will result in much waste and added expense. Complementary or contrasting colors both work well for these rows.

Bethany Ledge and Timberwood Blend

Satifsied Customer

Upgrade to a Party Pad

Circle paving kits are great.  But what you really want is an outdoor living space for you, family, and friends.  Since you're already digging to install pavers, Check out our complete turnkey circular paver Party Pad. This kit provides a patio, seating, and a fire feature. Not to mention the columns can be used as tables or support for decorative lighting, planting, or any other great idea you have. There are even extra pieces in the kit to build stepping stones to your patio if needed. Combine this with our other kits or use alone to make your dream outdoor getaway. All the planning has been done for you. Simply stack and glue the pieces in place.  All these curves and no cutting required.  If you have any questions, contact me.  

Party Pad

Terra Cotta Blend

Terra Cotta Blend

Circle Kit Instructions (PDF)

Paver Circle Layout

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