Paver Circle kit allows you to add interest and curves to your patio.

We have Hard-to-Find Circle Paver Kits

Looking for something "out of the box?" Having a hard time finding paver circle kits? No worries. We have them, and we now offer them for online purchase! Use one for a little circle. (Who wants that?) Need more space? Use two for a sizable seating area.

  • One kit makes a 8.5' diameter circle
  • Two kits make up to 12.5' diameter circle
  • Sold in full pallets only
  • pallet weight is 1900 lbs.

One Cobble paver circle kit makes a 8.5' circle as shown here in Terra Cotta blend.

Paver Circle Layout

Bethany Ledge inner circle with Timberwwod Blend outer circle

Circle kit detail

Terra Cotta Circle kit

Bethany Ledge inner circle with Timberwwod Blend outer circle

Our paver circle kits come in four classic colors:

Terra Cotta Blend Circle Kit

Terra Cotta Blend

Timberwood BlendTimberwood Blend

Bethany Ledge Blend

Bethany Ledge Blend

Sandstone Blend

Sandstone Blend

The paver circle kit is a staple of any hardscaper's arsenal of tools in creating beautiful outdoor living areas. You can use these circular paver kits to make circles, half circles, as well as easily create meandering walkways and other creative elements. Note: Since the center circle is 6" and each layer consists of 6" pavers, you will always build in half foot diameters (4.5', 5.5', 6.5' ...). One paver circle kit has enough (plus extras) to create an 8'6" (8.5') diameter circle. Two kits can be put together for a 12'6" (12.5') diameter circle*.

*When making a 12.5' circle with our two kits, you will need to alternate wedges upside down and right side up to replace some rectangle stones on the outer layer(s). Alternating wedges is very simple and is almost imperceptible. Just use rectangles intermittently as provided.

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Cobble Circle Paver Kit is produced using a “no-slump” concrete mix, made under extreme pressure and high frequency vibrations. Unit pavers will meet or exceed the requirements established in the ASTM C936 (standard specification for interlocking concrete paving units). Requirements of this standard include an average compressive strength of 8,000 psi, average absorption no greater than 5%.

Roman Stone
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Note the use of alternating wedges (upside down and right side up)  on the outer layer(s).