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Hi. I'm Roman Stone. I work hard to bring you quality DIY kits that help you add value to your home. With my kits, you can easily transform your yard into an outdoor living space that will be the envy of your neighbors. 

Enviable Grill Stations

Williard Grill Stations

  • Easy to build - impress your friends!
  • Professional grill included
  • Many options and styles
Willard 26" stainless gas grill outdoor grilling station kit

Willard 26" 

Willard 26 w/ kamado pad

Willard 32 w/ kamado pad

Willard 32

Outdoor Kitchens are great, but they can get really expensive really fast. If you think remodelling a standard kitchen can get expensive, try building one outdoors.  Besides, you really need to have it under roof.  As you may see, the expense adds up quickly. Not to worry. Most people don't really need a full kitchen outside. If you don't build a fully stocked kitchen outdoors, you'll be running inside to the real kitchen anyway.

Now you can avoid the hassle and expense while still having a high quality outdoor cooking station. My Willard grill station kits fill the bill for serious backyard enthusiasts without breaking the bank.  They come with ample room, a professional outdoor grill to weather the elements, and an option pad for your smoker or cooler. Don't be fooled, these masonry grill surrounds are much larger than their pictures may suggest.  Leave the fridge inside- get a Willard.

Our Best Seller

Fremont Fireplace kit

  • Add value to your home
  • Build in a weekend
  • Customizable

Fremont with Boxes

Chimney Detail

Wood Box Option

Wood Box Detail

The Fremont fireplace - my best seller. This is the DIY kit that started it all - now improved. Same dimensions and performance. Now with easier and improved construction with my new block developed solely for outdoor features.  It may seem daunting, but it really is a quick, easy build that will last a long time.  And because there are no moving parts, it is extremely low maintenance. There is no cheaper way to transform your backyard to a hangout space to enjoy time with your loved ones than our Fremont II fireplace kit.  See why hundreds of customers rave about this DIY kit.

Party Pad

Paver Circle Kit

  • Hard to find
  • Save your poor lawn
  • Multiple colors

I cannot lie. Paving is not the easiest or quickest project for a backyard make-over. But, it is one of the most essential and long lasting. You can't have everyone hanging out in the mud! While there are plenty of paver shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from, many companies do not offer circular paving kits. This venerable classic doesn't get the respect it deserves. It may be for specialized situations only, but when you need one, nothing else will do. For those of you who have been hoping to find a circular paving kit - Congratulations! Here it is.

Instant Hangout

Latessa Upscale Fire Pit

  • Super easy build
  • Outdoor party centerpiece
  • Great for small spaces

Looks great Day Evening... Night

Of all my DIY kits, nothing is faster or easier to install than the Latessa. This upscale fire pit has a huge presence in any backyard setting. Instead of a fire pit thrown out in the middle of the back forty, this pit excels in more personal outdoor spaces. The directionality of this fire pit kit allows you to better control the layout and flow of your gathering areas. It also allows the Latessa to be placed closer the boundaries of outdoor living spaces as it does not need all around seating.  Even as a corner accent, it is great at reflecting heat and reflecting the warm glow of the fire.

People love my kits

Whats not to love? We are a company that treats its customers well and delivers a high quality product at great price.  I hand select and design every component of every kit to be of the highest value.  Corners are not cut to save money. Only the best products and designs that will make your outdoor living space great are chosen - no more; no less.  Because all of my kits are easily built, you can decide to assemble them yourself and save even more money.  At the same time, I won't sell you want you don't need. If my product isn'y right for you, I will let you know.  You don't want to be disappointed that our kit won't fit after you spend thousands of dollars with me. So, if you need any help, or have any questions, contact me.