Fremont Fireplace Kit


Our Fremont fireplace kit is designed to be quickly installed. All the pieces you need are included. There is no cutting required. Simply stack and glue the pieces together as shown in the step by step instructions.


Granted, outdoor fireplaces are a luxury item. But I think it's a luxury item everyone should be able to afford. By using my pre-engineered kit, you can easily build (or have built) an outdoor living space and save money, too.


Not every backyard and patio is the same. People and their needs differ. That is why we offer expansion kits and add-ons to make our fireplace work for you - in your special space the way you want.

Gas Logs Now Available

I have hunted exhaustively to find you a great log set for your fireplace kit.  I finally found it.   This made in USA log and burner set is very high quality and a great value.  It is a great looking and performing log set that will compliment your fireplace kit.

Fremont Fireplace Kit shown (timberwood) with optional wood boxes and chimney extension kit (8 inches added).

Expandable Options

The Fremont fireplace kit now comes with options you can buy to modify it to your liking. You can increase the chimney height, raise the hearth, add natural gas logs, and add wood storage boxes. Simply add them to your cart at the time of purchase.

Note: Pictures may be modified from the base kit and/or have additional accessories. Please see instructions for everything included in each kit.

Base Extender kit

Chimney Extension kit

Wood Boxes Kit

Wood Boxes kit

Gas Log Set

Our kits come in three stone-look colors:

Bethany Ledge Blend

Charcoal Blend

Timberwood Blend

You can do it.  I'm here to help.

I want you to be informed. Please download and look through the instructions. They have all the materials included with each kit. They also include all the dimensions as well as every step of the process. They are the instructions. Almost every question you have can probably be answered in these files.

Fremont Fireplace instructions (PDF)

Base Extender instructions (PDF)

Chimney Extension instructions (PDF)

Wood Boxes instructions (PDF)

Base Preparation instructions (PDF)

Sample Fireplace Build (PDF)

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Build With Roman patio

Top cap keeps the elements out of your firebox.

Wood Boxes Kit shown with Fremont Fireplace (sold separately).

Fire brick lined firebox adds durability.

Smoke chamber provides proper draft.

Roman Stone What

What about the details?

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Fremont Front Dimensions

Fremont Back Dimensions

Fremont Side Dimensions

All dimensions approximate.

Roman Approves

Congratulations, this is the finest kit build of any project I have ever done. The organization and planning of this kit was very apparent.

Richard H
Roman Approves

The completed fireplace project exceeded my expectations. It is beautiful and an amazing addition to our patio. No need to change a thing.

Lance A
Roman Approves

Thank you so much for all your SUPPORT. So many people talk about customer support. You have delivered BEYOND anyone I have dealt with.

Ray H
Roman Approves

Only took me 8 hours to install the entire fireplace (2 people).

I’m so pleased with my fireplace. Words cant describe how amazing it turned out.

Jason C
Roman Approves

We love it! Our neighbors love it also! It has completed our backyard oasis! Thank you ! 

Kimberly R
Roman Approves

No cuts, no last minute trips to the hardware store, all inclusive easy to follow instructions.

Darren J