Party at your pad!

You can have the baddest backyard in the neighborhood

  • Make an entertainment centerpiece
  • Great for entertaining or parties
  • Enjoy it for yourself

This was a very simple project if you can read a level and use a square. I definitely recommend this product. Only took two days to build and I did both wood boxes. 

Billy S

Billy S / Satisfied Customer 

Create a backyard masterpiece. It’s not really that hard, but nobody else has to know that.

Face it, fireplaces are cool

You have the skills to pay the bills.  You deserve something that everyone else doesn't have. And, it wouldn't hurt if eveyone else could see it too, amiright? Make a statement in your neighborhood. Nobody has to know how affordable it was.

Romanstone fireplace kit adds luxury you can afford

Makes a powerful statement

Harvey down the street has a nice little fire pit at his house. That is why you need a BIG stone fireplace at yours. You aren’t the kind of person to think “This is good enough.” Just because it is good enough for Harvey doesn’t mean it is good enough for you! Check out my fireplace. It’s awesome! Take that Harvey!

Fremont II w/ wood storage boxes in Charcoal Blend

You earn bragging rights

You can be the high roller as all your friends gather around the warm embrace of its embers. “I made that,” you can casually throw
out in conversation. Everyone will be in awe. Don’t tell them how little it cost or how easy it was. You will be helping build fireplaces for your friends for two years worth of weekends!

Great for parties

From small gatherings to all-night ragers, my Party Pad patio will be the gathering spot for all the cool kids. pull up a chair, grab a drink, join the party. Oh, you're hungry, grab some meat form my awesome grill station. Yeah, I made that, too.

Customize your fireplace kit to your vision

Gas Log Set

We offer a quality gas log set for your Princeton fireplace kit

Wood storage

Add firewood storage boxes for a grand statement

Chimney Extensions

You can add up to 48" to your chimney for looks or clearance

Seat Wall

Add seating and width to your fireplace for a grand statement

Are my kits right for you?

I want an awesome backyard

Obviously having an outdoor fireplace on your patio will make your friends jealous. But you get bragging rights by building it yourself!

I want to add value to my home

It's no secret that outdoor improvements add function and usability to your home. But these improvements have some of the highest ROI, too.

I have a spare weekend

As long as you have a place to put this thing, you can really build it in hours. Don't take my word. Read through the reviews.

I like to save money

It's true.  You can install your own fireplace kit for a fraction of what the pros will charge you. Use your savings for a killer grill station!

Actual Customer Builds

Standard Fremont kit with optional wood storage boxes
Romanstone fireplace kit adds affordable luxury to your outdoor living area
Customer built Fremont DIY kit
Fremont fireplace kit adds a touch of luxury to your outdoor living area

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