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Affordable Outdoor Living

Your yard is more than a space for weeds to invade. Create an outdoor living space and immediately add value to your home while adding a new "room" to entertain family and friends. You and Romanstone can create functional outdoor living at your own home with paving stones, wall block, a fireplace, or an outdoor kitchen.  

Are you looking for DIY kits?

​I'm Roman Stone.  I have come up with kits you can buy online and easily build yourself.  Click here to view our popular outdoor living kit. Fremont fireplace kit pictured.

​Romanstone interlocking concrete pavers are a great choice weather you are building a small patio or need a water management system for a stadium parking lot.

​Romanstone offers aesthetically pleasing high performance walls for any project.  View our vast selection to see what fits your needs.

Rosetta Belvedere

Rosetta Hardscapes combines the rugged attractiveness of natural stone or perfectly sculpted concrete with the dimensional consistency and engineered benefits of precast concrete.

DIY Kits

Roman Stone makes kits that help you add value to your home. With his help, you can easily transform your yard into an outdoor living space that will be the envy of your neighbors.