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Orion block

Orion seat wall and fire pit

Orion block is a unique type of wedge block.  It allows you to create straight and curved features with ease. With it’s innovative geometry that simply works, you can easily and repeatedly create an immense number of radii while still being able to make corners and straight runs. Save time on your next job. Pick up the Orion.

Available colors:
Orion Timberwood Blend

Timberwood Blend

Orion Sandstone Blend

Sandstone Blend

Orion Charcoal Blend

Charcoal Blend

Orion Bethany Ledge Blend

Bethany Ledge Blend

Size *Full

UNITS /SQ. FT. *Full




4” x 8” x 12” 




1,900 LBS 

Works in 4” increments
Straight runs, wedges, courses, you name it. Orion works on a nominal 4” increment. Be flipping and combining the wedge and the square-wedges, you can create any length run in a 4” increment. Orion also lays on a 4” course that is easy to incorporate with other products. You can easily create 45° corners as well.

Saves you time
While every cut cannot be eliminated, Orion strives to drastically minimize them. Orion is designed to lay like clockwork. Radius sections either work in 12 segment when using full wedge pieces. Or, it works in 24 segments when using square-wedges. This makes radius seat walls and serpentine features a breeze to build without cutting every block.

Amazingly versatile
By building wedges and square-wedge sections in 4” increments, you can create near endless radius and serpentine walls in no time. And because the geometry just works, you can get repeated results even when staggering bond lines. Moreover, it is made to mate with our Euro block for even more design freedom.

*Two partial units make one full unit. A full pallet contains 64 full unit equivalents. The ratio is 28- 4" units, 28- 8" units, and 36- 12" units to create 64 *units* per pallet consisting of 92 pieces. 

* Mix wedges and rectangles to achieve an efficient ratio of block. Follow the orange hash to obtain measurements using alternating sizes. 

Orion makes a full set of radii for your projects.

Easily create 45° corners

Mates seemlessly with Euro block

Create many sizes of piers