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Symetry Pavers

Symetry Paver

Download the cutsheet to see all the wonderful patterns you can achieve by using Symetry pavers.  

Symetry paver

“Venetian Parquet” with a contrasting Plaza Stone™.  Shown with Plaza Stone™ 6x6 accessory piece.

Available colors:
Timberwood Blend

Timberwood Blend

Terra Cotta Blend

Terra Cotta Blend

Autumn Hickory Blend

Autumn Hickory Blend

Only Symetry offers the classic style seen in paving styles around the world. From the classic “Venetian Parquet” to the contemporary “Embassy Row,” you will find a pattern to complement your outdoor space. For added impact, choose a contrasting Plaza Stone™ color to make a vivid statement.

Symetry pavers are for all you traditionalists, romantics, and lovers of big bold patterns.  Even the smallest patterns made with Symetry pavers are visually striking.  Have a big area to pave, Try some of the larger, more ornate patterns.

Honestly, Symetry is impossible to beat for dramatic large scale spaces.  It is hard to beat for small ones, too.     

Symetry somehow manages to be fancy, bold, and intricate all at the same time.  It also manages to do this in an appealing and timeless way that isn't gaudy or over-powering.  I don't personally use Symetry pavers at my own house.  It isn't because I don't love them.  I do.  I simply lack the space and class to let these beauties sing.  That surely isn't a problem for someone like you!

Roman Stone says:

Roman Stone says: 






2.36” x 6.1” x 12” (60 MM)




2,261 LBS 


Symetry is produced using a “no-slump” concrete mix, made under extreme pressure and high frequency vibrations. Unit pavers will meet or exceed the requirements established in the ASTM C936 (standard specification for interlocking concrete paving units). Requirements of this standard include an average compressive strength of 8,000 psi, average absorption no greater than 5%.