My Fireplace kit is a luxury you can afford 

Save a ton of cash while adding value to your home

  • A fraction of what the pros charge
  • No expensive specialty tools
  • Increase your home's value

If you ever wanted a beautiful outside fireplace but without the $8-10k cost, then this is the fireplace for you. Looks like it costs just as much as a professional would charge but at a fraction of the cost. It has transformed our outside seating area into our own personal backyard oasis.

Michael C

Michael C / Satisfied Customer 

Why Choose my Fireplace Kits?

You deserve affordable luxury

While people are so often found glued to their phonesor stuck at home, new research shows that Americans of all ages have a great appreciation for the value outdoor spaces add to their well-being. Now you can appreciate the price, too.

Romanstone fireplace kit adds luxury you can afford

Adds big value to your home

 Outdoor improvements continually rank high on both consumer joy and return on investment.  While figures can vary, I believe you can expect better than average results with the low cost of my kits. Nobody needs to know how much you saved.

Fremont II w/ wood storage boxes in Charcoal Blend

No need to hire a professional

I pride myself in my easy-to-follow instructions. All the pieces you need are pre-cut and easily identifiable. As long as you can safely lift up to 25 pounds, you can build my kit. Use the money you save on professional istallation for my killer grill station!

Best value for dollar

There are many kits on the market today. Most are made for professionals and tradesmen. Many need additional products and expenses like stone veneers, inserts, plumbing, special tool rentals, etc. Romanstone stands alone. My kits comes with everything you need at one low price!

Fremont luxury Fireplace kit is affordable - not cheap

Customize your fireplace kit to your vision

Gas Log Set

We offer a quality gas log set for your Princeton fireplace kit

Wood storage

Add firewood storage boxes for a grand statement

Chimney Extensions

You can add up to 48" to your chimney for looks or clearance

Seat Wall

Add seating and width to your fireplace for a grand statement

Is my kit right for you?

I want an awesome backyard

Obviously having an outdoor fireplace on your patio will make your friends jealous. But you get bragging rights by building it yourself!

I want to add value to my home

It's no secret that outdoor improvements add function and usability to your home. But these improvements have some of the highest ROI, too.

I have a spare weekend

As long as you have a place to put this thing, you can really build it in hours. Don't take my word. Read through the reviews.

I like to save money

It's true.  You can install your own fireplace kit for a fraction of what the pros will charge you. Use your savings for a killer grill station!

Actual Customer Builds

Standard Fremont kit with optional wood storage boxes
Romanstone fireplace kit adds affordable luxury to your outdoor living area
Customer built Fremont DIY kit
Fremont fireplace kit adds a touch of luxury to your outdoor living area

See my whole line of affordable DIY friendly fireplace kits

Kits ship in 5-10 working days. Price includes curbside delivery.