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DIY Fireplace video on way to 1 Million views

Hey 20000 views is pretty good for a DIY fireplace video.  At this rate, I should hit 30000 in the first year.  At this pace, this video will have a MILLION VIEWS in a little over 30 years!  A million Views! That means in a mere 2700 years this video could conceivably usurp "Gangnam Style" by Psy to become the most watched YouTube video ever.  Thank you to all my viewers for helping make this milestone possible.  

"At this pace, this video will have a MILLION VIEWS in a little over 30 years! A million Views!"

Seriously.  I have been working on creating videos to help people install our pavers and outdoor fireplaces.  Maybe these videos will help you realize that you don't want to do the work and you want to call a professional.  Let's be honest.  Having someone else do the work is the easiest way to get an amazing outdoor living space.  It just is.  But if you have a strong back and a weak mind - sit back and relax while I show you how to create an amazing DIY fireplace in your own back yard.  Check out some other videos below.  Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel.  I have some fun new videos coming out this fall.

Roman Stone

Roman Stone is an average Joe that's a bit more than your average Joe. Running on coffee and goodwill, he has a penchant for design and smart labor. Roman isn't afraid to get his hands dirty to create something that lasts. Working with hardscapes for over a decade, Roman shares his unique techniques with fellow landscapers.

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