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Princeton Fireplace

You can burn wood logs, natural gas or LP gas
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Size: 52”W x 48”D x 106”T Firebox opening is 28"W x 24"T Firebox is 31"W x 17"D x 27"T and lined with firebrick.
MPN: FPP5228
Brand: Romanstone

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You asked for it; You got it! Customers have been wanting an upscale fireplace in a premium package. So, we added the most popular extensions, refined the proportions, and are excited to offer our upscale Princeton outdoor fireplace kit. This is the big sibling to our popular Fremont fireplace. This fireplace kit comes packaged with a taller hearth, larger smoke chamber, and taller chimney. Overall it adds more mass and a refined look over its smaller sibling. Due to it's increased height, we recommend our new Batwing boxes over the Classic wood boxes for purely aesthetic concerns.

  • 52”W x 48”D x 106”T
  • Firebox opening is 28"W x 24"T
  • Firebox is 31"W x 17"D x 27"T
  • You can burn wood logs, natural gas or LP gas
  • FREE shipping in the contiguous US*
  • Kit weighs 9400 pounds

Learn more about the Princeton Fireplace HERE.

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