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Latessa Fire Pit

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Fire seekers rejoice! Our upscale Latessa Fire Pit adds the centerpiece your backyard parties deserve. The Latessa firepit features a striking design that incorporates a large diameter pit with impressive height. The unique back wall design allows it to be positioned nearer fences and property lines. The shape helps determine seating areas in smaller backyards or patio layouts that don't need or want a full 360 seating area. You will love the way the light and shadows of the fire dances on the back wall. Don't buy any old fire pit - Make a grand statement with the Latessa.

  • 52" outside diameter
  • 36" inside diameter
  • 40" height
  • 12" tall shortest wall
  • Lovely backdrop for fire light display
  • Free shipping in the contiguous US

Learn more about the Latessa Fire Pit HERE.

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