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Fremont DIY Outdoor Fireplace Kit

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Easily add lasting value and function to your home with this attractive affordable DIY fireplace kit. We have pre-cut all the pieces and included everything in the kit, including glue. Therefore, you can build it in a weekend. No special tools or skills are needed. FREE shipping in contiguous US. Visit the product page for more info.

You can be the high roller as all your friends gather around the warm embrace of its embers. “I made that,” you can casually throw out in conversation. Everyone will be in awe. Don’t tell them how little it cost or how easy it was. You will be helping build fireplaces for your friends for two years worth of weekends! Trust me - I know.

  • 52”W x 48”D x 91”T
  • Firebox opening is 28"W x 24"T
  • Firebox is 31"W x 17"D x 27"T
  • FREE shipping in the contiguous US*
  • Kit weighs 7800 pounds

Learn more about the Fremont Fireplace HERE.

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