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Cobble Circle Kit

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This kit contains all the pieces plus extra to make a 8.5' diameter circle. There are even small half width pieces for when a full just won't fit. Add a second kit to get a 12.5' diameter circle. All sizes are approximate. Paver thickness is 60mm (2 3/8").

  • One kit makes one 8.5' diameter circle
  • Two kits together make a 12.5' circle
  • FREE shipping in the contiguous US*

*We now have the dreaded asterisk. After hundreds of successful online shipments, it has come to our attention that there are some places in the contiguous US that freight companies can't (or won't) deliver to. Who knew these places still existed? Yet, the US is a huge country, and we can't possibly know all these hidden nooks in our great land. I don't want you to worry about some bait and switch. This is very rare. We are just withholding our right to not ship to certain addresses.

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