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Madera Block

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Versatile. Beautiful. Stone Look.

Madera Block

Madera Block

Madera Block makes building features fast and easy. Even curved walls are easy with Madera™.

Madera™ makes building features fast and easy. Even curved walls are easy with Madera™.

Add beauty to any home or garden landscape project with the unique look that Madera Block offers. The scratched face along with the tumbled edges make for a exceptional look that goes well beyond a concrete block.

Available colors:
Madera Block Timberwood Blend

Madera Timberwood Blend

Madera Block Bethany Ledge

Madera Bethany Ledge

Madera Block Sandstone Blend

Madera Sandstone Blend






8” x 5” x 12” 




3,000 LBS 

Madera Block half blocks allow for versatile design detail without the hassle of sawing or cutting any stones. It’s never been easier to build columns, run detailed curves, and make 90 degree corners. These professional details are now available for the homeowner to create truly unique and stylish retaining walls.

Similar to our Orion Block, Madera offers greater flexibility when building outdoor living spaces and small retaining walls. The use of wedges and half units allows straight runs and curved walls to be built without the need for cutting block.

The raked and tumbled face of Madera is not as rough as a split unit, nor not as smooth as Orion or Euro. It sits comfortably in the middle.  It mates well with split and tumbled reataining wall blocks.

Madera fire pit kit on circle kit pavers

Century Series Cobble circle kit with Madera fire pit