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Caesar Beveled Wall Block

Caesar Beveled Wall Block

Caesar Beveled Wall Block

Caesar Bevelled  in limestone creates a clean timeless look .

Caesar Beveled Wall Block are the right size for simple, fast, and efficient installation on medium to large walls. Their lipped design allows you to finish your job quickly and easily. Use Caesar Wall Block for any size retaining wall where high performance, low cost, and easy installation are a top priority.

Available colors:
Caesar Beveled Wall Block Sandstone

Caesar Sandstone bevel

Caesar Beveled Wall Block Terra Cotta

Caesar Terra Cotta bevel

Caesar Beveled Wall Block Tan

Caesar Tan bevel

Caesar Beveled Wall Block Limestone

Caesar Limestone bevel






6” x 16.65” x 12” 




3,304 LBS 

My classic Caesar Beveled Wall Block features a new, improved lip design resulting in less breakage, easier installation and reduced waste. The dished-out cup on bottom of the block results in lighter weight, more square foot per truck load and easier handling and installation. The center reinforcement and groove allows the block to be split into halves and corners.

This block takes the ease and familiarity of standard "small wall" retaining blocks and mixes them with the size and performance of larger units. There are no pins to fool with or cores to fill.  There is no strange tab or clip- just the tried and true rear lip.  Moreover, It adds a center bar and groove to make splitting half units and corners much easier while still keeping the weight down and the top of the unit solid. By combining all these qualities, you can sunderstand why Caesar is the block of choice when installing medium to large size residential retaining walls.    

Caesar 12™ bottom