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Brutus Wall Block

Brutus Wall Block

Brutus Wall Block

Brutus™ features a rustic split finish for a retaining wall that better mimics natural stone.

Brutus Wall Block is your best option for high performance walls where great looks is as much a priority as great performance and great value. The rustic split featured on Brutus Wall Block gives the block a timeless “old world” look that ages gracefully. This allows you to achieve an ild world "century series" look and feel at a fraction of the price. The square foot size and rear lip connection allows for fast and easy installation. These features, along with are lovely color blends and low cost, make Brutus our top seller for medium to large scale retaining walls.

Available colors:

Sandstone Blend

Charcoal Blend

Bethany Ledge Blend






8 ” x 18” x12” 




2,675 LBS 

Romanstone Brutus™ now comes standard with a rustic split finish. This feature adds a more natural stone appearance than traditional split units at the same cost. Brutus also features our improved lip design resulting in less breakage, easier installation and reduced waste. The core-fill design results in lighter weight, more square foot per truck load, and easier installation.

This not only reduce weight and cost, It also reduces worker fatigue and injury.  While solid units are great for small and medium sized walls, many pro prefer a cored unit when building large engineered retaining wall systems.  

Many times, corners and half units are needed.  Romanstone offers matching half units to use when building with Brutus Wall Block. The init is 9"W x 8"T x 18"L. This allows you to acheive half bond around corners without cutting or modifying blocks. We do try to make it easy on our customers.

Brutus™ bottom

Brutus™ bottom