Rosetta Outcropping

Rosetta Outcropping Block

Rosetta Outcropping Block

Rosetta Outcropping

Rosetta Outcropping works great even in smaller applications

Available colors:
Rosetta Outcropping Ozark Blend

Ozark Blend

Rosetta Outcropping Cedar Valley

Cedar Valley

There is a giant difference between Rosetta Outcropping and your average landscaping wall. The massive size of the Rosetta Outcropping system makes it visually striking and easy to install, so that your stunning landscape can be finished without frustration.

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  • Pieces are an eye-catching 2 to 6 feet in length, and 6 to 24 inches in height
  • 12 different pieces come together randomly to look like a real stone wall
  • Installation guides offer your contractor hassle free installation for a trouble free project
  • Detailed layout plan leads to practically zero waste - unlike a boulder wall
Rosetta Outcropping 2ft-x-4-ft-Block

Rosetta Outcropping 2ft-x-4-ft-Block


Rosetta Accessories

Rosetta Dimensional Steps

Makes steps and grade changes easily. Each chiseled edge mimics well cut, real stone. All steps coordinate with other Rosetta hardscape elements. Available in multiple sizes Consistent rise gives your landscape the perfect lift.

Rosetta Irregular Steps

Don't sacrifice natural beauty when installing steps. Rosetta's stone-like shapes and textures create inviting walkways. Their simple installation process for affords fast project completion. Available in multiple shapes and sizes. 

Rosetta Fire Pit

This round fire pit kit is an easy way to add an inviting centerpiece to any backyard or patio. Though it is made to match the Belvedere line of stones, this fireplace is at home in any setting where good friends gather for good times.