Rosetta Belvedere

Belvedere Wall Block

Belvedere Wall Block

Use Belvedere wall system to make stunning outdoor spaces

Inspired by the rolling hills of the English countryside, the Belvedere wall collection replicates quarried stone with more charm than any other man made product you have ever seen. While enjoying your garden landscape, you won't be able to tell whether you’re in the suburbs or the Shire.

Available colors:
Belvedere Ozark Swatch

Ozark Blend

Belvedere Cedar Swatch

Cedar Valley

  • 64 unique stone textures look just like well crafted natural stone
  • Great for seat walls, pillars, or structural retaining walls
  • Consistent dimensions and pre-developed patterns ensure a headache free project
  • Coordinating Belvedere System of Corners, Coping, Caps, and more available
Belvedere Corner Cedar

Belvedere Corner

• Unit dimensions: (3" or 6”)H x 9”D x 15"W
• Cube contents: makes one 36" tall pier 24"x24"
• Cube Count: 24 s.f.
• Cube Weight (w/pallet): 1520 lbs

Belvedere Coping

• Unit dimensions: 2.25”H x 10.25”W x varies
• Unit weight: 24 lbs per l.f.
• Cube Count: 66 l.f.
• Cube Weight (w/pallet): 1550 lbs

Belvedere Coping Cedar
Dimensional Coping

Dimensional Coping

• Unit dimensions: 2.5”H x 12.5”W x varies
• Unit weight: 31 lbs per l.f.
• Cube Count: 63 l.f.
• Cube Weight (w/pallet): 1950 lbs

Belvedere Pier Cap

• Unit dimensions: 2.5”H x 27”W x 27”D
• Unit weight: 150 lbs
• Cube Count: 8 caps
• Cube Weight (w/pallet): 1300 lbs

Belvedere Cap Cedar
Rosetta Countertop

Rosetta Countertop

• Unit dimensions: 3”H x 72”W x 30”D
• Unit weight: 575 lbs
• Cube Count: 3 counter tops
• Cube Weight (w/pallet): 3504 lbs





Wall Block

(Sold by Pallet or layer only. Layer = 9 SF)

9.5 x (3 or 6) x varies


2475 LBS 

Corner Block (pallet makes one 36" tall pier)

(Sold by Pallet or layer only. Layer = 6 SF)

9.5 x (3 or 6) x 15


1520 LBS 


Coping (Caps)

(Sold by Pallet or layer only. Layer = 11 LF)

10.25 x 2.25 x varies

End caps included


1550 LBS 

Dimensional Coping (Caps)

(Sold by Pallet or layer only. Layer = 10.5 LF)

12.5 x 2.5 x varies

End caps included


1950 LBS 


Pier Cap

2.5 x 27 x 27


150 LBS 

Counter top

9.5 x (3 or 6) x 15


575 LBS 


Rosetta Accessories

Rosetta Dimensional Steps

Makes steps and grade changes easily. Each chiseled edge mimics well cut, real stone. All steps coordinate with other Rosetta hardscape elements. Available in multiple sizes Consistent rise gives your landscape the perfect lift.

Rosetta Irregular Steps

Don't sacrifice natural beauty when installing steps. Rosetta's stone-like shapes and textures create inviting walkways. Their simple installation process for affords fast project completion. Available in multiple shapes and sizes. 

Rosetta Fire Pit

This round fire pit kit is an easy way to add an inviting centerpiece to any backyard or patio. Though it is made to match the Belvedere line of stones, this fireplace is at home in any setting where good friends gather for good times.