Round Fire Pit Kit

Belvedere Fire Pit

Anyone can easily build a Belvedere firepit and have a backyard centerpiece.

Available colors:
Belvedere Ozark Swatch

Ozark Blend

Belvedere Cedar Swatch

Cedar Valley

This round fire pit kit is an easy way to add an inviting centerpiece to any backyard or patio. Though it is made to match the Belvedere line of stones, it is at home in any setting where good friends gather for good times. Actually, adding a firepit is often times the simplest and most cost effective way of creating an outdoor living space.  And no other fire-pit kit is as striking and as strikingly simple as Rosetta's. 

  • Unique stone textures look just like well crafted natural stone
  • Matches Belvedere seat walls, pillars, or structural retaining walls
  • All components included on one pallet for simple, waste free installation
  • 38" inside ring diameter and ±58" outside diameter 





Round Fire Pit

15 x 58 x 58


1275 LBS