Permeable Pavers

The superior way to control storm water run-off

Eco-Stone permeable pavers allow maximum drainage while maintaining a driveable surface. Unlike solid paving surfaces which negatively impact the environment, storm drainage systems, and property through storm water runoff, Uni Eco-Stone allows natural drainage and migration of water into the earth below.

Turfstone is a favorite of landscape architects and engineers.  Its filigree design makes it an attractive and permanent solution for emergency access areas, embankments, spillways, and environmentally sensitive parking areas. Turfstone can be filled with grass or aggregates depending on the project’s drainage requirements.

Permeable pavers, guys! There are so many great things to say about them.  Where do I start?  We all know pavers are the superior paving system.  But permeable pavers operate on an even higher plane. Not only do they look amazing, but they have amazing storm water migration performance.  Yes, by using our permeable pavers, you can decrease storm water runoff - drastically.  You can help water naturally recharge the water table by allowing it to be slowly absorbed by Mother Earth.  You can also reduce or eliminate retention ponds found in commercial lots.  Properly engineered they can easily handle a 50 year storm event.  They can also do it while looking great! Basically, permeable pavement systems are the green way to pave when high performance and low maintenance are a high priority.   You have to check them out.  They are great for everything from residences to stadium parking lots and everything in between.  If you are having issues with storm water management, give Romanstone permeable pavers a try.

Roman Stone says:

Roman Stone says: