Classic Pavers

Their timeless style fits any decor.

Cobble pavers

This flexible paver shape incorporates rounded corners and subtly indented chamfers giving the user the option of using Cobble™ in both contemporary and traditional designs. By using a combination of the two sizes, a variety of patterns is possible.

Pre-Ledge Rock paver

This popular series of paver shapes incorporates a subtly textured surface and four different shapes for a cut stone look. By using a combination of the four sizes, a variety of patterns is possible. The large paver works well for step treads, too.

Holland pavers

Holland Stone offers the old world charm of a simple brick shape in paving. This simple rectangular paver can be applied in a number of fascinating patterns to produce warm, luxurious textures. Mix these patterns with any combination of colors for an architectural effect only your imagination can limit.

Chatham Timberwood Blend

Chatham uses a bold surface texture paired with a larger scale to create a clean contemporary look for your outdoor space. The result is the most distinctive pavers in the Romanstone™ Classic series product line.

Cobble stone pavers

This multi-sized paver incorporates rounded corners and chamfers, giving a unique, naturally aged and timeless look. The three different sizes allow for random laying patterns for a distinctive and antiqued look.

Plaza Stone

The customizing possibilities of Plaza Stone pavers render it one of the most desirable paving products available. Its collection of various sizes makes possible an extensive array of patterns with distinctively vivid solid colors.

Classic pavers are just that - Classic.  They are untumbled, non-faux-finished, solid, time-tested pavers.  They come in all your favorite shapes and sizes and maybe even some that aren't your favorite.  They have been proven to be reliable and attractive.  These pavers are the backbone of any quality hardscape installation.

 Make no mistake about it - classic pavers are still classy.  These pavers come in enough styles and colors to be the foundation for any paving project.  Fads may come and go like hairstyles, but Romanstone's classic pavers will look great for decades.

Roman Stone says:

Roman Stone says: