Century Series Pavers

Century series pavers feature natural stone shapes and textures for old world charm

Holland Stone Century Series paver

By tumbling the classic Holland Stone paver, you will add another dimension to your paving project. Century Series Holland Stone adds a softer, more comfortable feel to smaller spaces such as walkways and smaller backyard patios. 

Ledge Rock pavers

Ledge Rock adds a subtle surface texture to traditional cobble paving stones. By tumbling the stones the natural stone texture is accented. The result is the most natural looking shape offered in the Romanstone product line.

Aqua-Bric Pavers

Aqua-Bric is a stormwater management system featuring permeable pavers. The smooth, flat surface created using Aqua-Bric meets ADA standards and is a superior choice for areas with high foot traffic – even high heels or wheel chairs. Ideal for plazas, walkways, entrances and parking lots.

Century Series is our fancy way of saying "tumbled pavers." These pavers have been tumbled to create a soft aged feel. Not only do Century Series pavers add "old-world" charm to your landscape (who doesn't want that?), they also provide a more inviting, natural feel. There is another upside to paying more for tumbled pavers. The pavers are already looking old. So, instead of getting old and worn looking as the years go by, they look just as good or better than the day they were laid. Plus, they are meant to look aged - making them an excellent low maintenance choice in any outdoor living space. Did I mention that moss looks really good in the joints of Century Series pavers? I love that in shady spots in a landscape.

Roman Stone says:

Roman Stone says: