Make your friends jealous- party with Willy

Get the party started with your big or little Willy!

  • Professional Built-in Grill 
  • Great for throwing parties
  • Gives you bragging rights

This was a great fireplace project. Me and my almost 80 year old lady neighbor put this together in a few days. We were very impressed on how well the instructions were written and how nice it turned out. I’m sure this fireplace will bring us many years of enjoyment.

Randy L

Randy L / Satisfied Customer 

My Willard Grill Kit is easy to build, but nobody else has to know that.

This grill is awesome!

Jim down the street has a nice little Weber. That is why you need a sweet built-in grill island. You aren’t the kind of person to think “This is good enough.” Just because it is good enough for Jim doesn’t mean it is good enough for you! Check out my grill station, buddy. It’s awesome! Take that Jim!

Little Willy has everything you need

The Willard Grill island comes with all the materials you need to build your kit.  You will get all your pieces delivered curbside so you can begin building when your kit arrives. It even includes the glue!

It gives you bragging rights

“I made that,” you can casually throw out in conversation. Everyone will be in awe. Don’t tell them how little it cost or how easy it was. All the pieces you need are pre-cut and easily identifiable. Watch how it is built. The video shows the largest model with a Kamado pad.

Get your PARTY on!

From small gatherings to all-night ragers, your outdoor kitchen will be the gathering spot for all the cool kids. pull up a chair, grab a drink, join the party. Oh, you're hungry, grab some grilled masterpieces. What do you mean it’s burnt? Char makes it taste better.

Customize to your liking

Gas line or LP tank

You can either plumb your grill island or use an LP tank

Willard Outdoor DIY BBQ Grill Island kit with built-in Summerset Propane Grill and Kamado or Cooler Pad

Kamado pad

Every grill kit can be built with an optional Kamado Pad

two grill sizes

How big a party do you want? Choose either 26" or 32" pro grill

free fire pit

Standard grills come with a free fire pit to complete your patio.

Is this grill island right for you?

I want an awesome backyard

Obviously having an outdoor fireplace on your patio will make your friends jealous. But you get bragging rights by building it yourself!

I want to add value to my home

It's no secret that outdoor improvements add function and usability to your home. But these improvements have some of the highest ROI, too.

I have a spare weekend

As long as you have a place to put this thing, you can really build it in hours. Don't take my word. Read through the reviews.

I like to save money

It's true.  You can install your own fireplace kit for a fraction of what the pros will charge you. Use your savings for a killer fireplace!

Willard BBQ Island

Willard Outdoor DIY Grill Island kit with built-in Summerset Propane Grill

Get your PARTY started with Willard. Your friends will be jealous.

Kits ship in 5-10 working days. Price includes curbside delivery.