Concrete Pavers

From patios to parking lots - Romanstone has you covered.

Century Pavers

Romanstone Century Series concrete pavers are a great choice for your outdoor living space.  The aged look and textures add an old-world charm.  The result is a warm comforting feel.

Classic Pavers

Romanstone concrete pavers come in a vast array of colors and styles to fit every taste and budget.  Our classic line fits many distictive styles and taste.  See what we have to offer.

Permeable Pavers

Nobody likes to step in water puddles.  Eliminate them completely while mitigating stormwater run-off with our eco-friendly permeable pavers.  Being green was never so stylish and functional.

Special Shapes

Not every project is a square  or on a single plane.  Romanstone knows that.  We offer bullnose coping and circle kits to finish your project and set your paved area apart from your neighbors.

What makes pavers so awesome?

Concrete pavers.  Nothing sounds special about those two simple words.  It is just concrete shapes like bricks - right?  Well, no.  There is much more to it than meets the eye.  But I am not here to bore you.  I am here to educate you about the many benefits of paving with pavers over your other options.  Let's face it. Paving is a big purchase.  And with big purchases come big decisions.  Make sure you make the right ones.

If you are here, you probably know the benefits of using paver units.  If not, let me be brief.  Pavers are superior to other options in many ways. Here are a few big ones.  Asphalt is hot, messy, and terribly high maintenance.  There is no good way to fix cracking, crumbling, and pitting.  It buckles and warps.  The edges are soft and easily break apart.  And let's be honest, it doesn't look all that appealing.  Poured concrete has fewer of these problems.  But, it does crack.  It is guaranteed to crack.  Also, the slabs settle.  If they settle the wrong way, you could be looking at drainage issues.  Again, there is no good way to fix cracks or breaks.  It also doesn't age gracefully.  

Concrete pavers can eliminate all the issues.  Pavers are little individual concrete units.  So they are hard - concrete.  But since they are small and are essentially surrounded by an expansion joint around every one, they are flexible like asphalt.  Essentially, they are getting the best of both worlds.  Since there are these tiny gaps between every paver, you would likely never see a crack if a single paver developed one.  Though you could easily replace one paver if you wanted. If there was a dip, or foundation issue - or even if you needed to run a line or pipe under your pavers - No problem.  Pull them up.  run your pipe, fill the hole, cover with the same pavers you removed.  As far as durability goes, they have roughly 3 times the compressive strength as poured concrete and they absorb less water.  

Now pavers do have maintenance - as all things that last do.  But the maintenance is less than other alternatives.  Plus you have the added benefit of the beauty and wow factor that pavers deliver.  Don't buy a maintenance issue when you decide on a paving material - buy pavers and buy an asset to your property.  You will agree.  Pavers are worth the small upfront premium over alternative systems.

Did I mention they look awesome too.

Romanstone also offers a complete line of wall block

Apollo Wall

We offer a complete line of wall block for every hardscape project.  From backyard patios to mall parking lots and everything between. Click here for more information.

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