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Build Memories that Last - Build with Romanstone

Your Home is the hub of your life.  It says a lot about your values. Add functional outdoor living to your home with paving stones, a fireplace, and an outdoor kitchen.  Your backyard should no longer be thought of as just the place where you mow the lawn and watch the kids play. It is an extension of your home. By creating an outdoor living space, you immediately upgrade the value of your home and add a new "room" to enjoy with your family and friends. You can enjoy meals, host events, and even throw partyies on a well designed outdoor living area. Romanstone Hardscapes can help you achieve your personal outdoor living paradise.  We have all the products you need for your project to succeed. Take a look.


Romanstone interlocking concrete pavers are a great choice weather you are building a small patio or need a water management system for a stadium parking lot.

Wall Block

Romanstone offers aesthetically pleasing high performance walls for any project.  View our vast selection to see what fits your needs.

Fireplace Kits

Our kits offer the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way to build your outdoor living paradise. They are simple to build. The kits have all the pieces you need. No cutting is required.

Are you looking for help?

I'm Roman Stone.  It's my mission to help you design and build an outdoor living paradise you can appreciate and afford.  I have dedicated a whole website full of free plans and tips to help you along the way. Click here for our DIY "Build With Roman" site.