Romanstone Hardscapes

Create your dream backyard with Romanstone Hardscapes

Add beauty and function to your surroundings with paving stones, a fireplace, and outdoor kitchen.  Your backyard should no longer be thought of as just the place where you mow the lawn and watch the kids run around. It is an extension of your house. By creating an outdoor space around your home, you've immediately upgraded the curb appeal of your home and a new "room" to enjoy with your family and friends. Romanstone Hardscapes can help you achieve your personal outdoor living paradise.  We offer a complete line of products for you choose from.   Take a look at some of our hardscaping products.


Romanstone interlocking concrete pavers are a great choice weather you are building a small patio or need a water management system for a stadium parking lot.

Wall Block

Romanstone offers aesthetically pleasing high performance walls for any project.  View our vast selection to see what fits your needs.

Kits and Plans

When you want a custom look without the custom price, just ask Roman. We have kits and plans to get you started in your hardscape journey.

Romanstone Hardscapes

Make the best of your surroundings using Romanstone hardscape products.

Fremont Kit

You can be the high roller as all your friends gather around the warm embrace of its embers. “I made that,” you can casually throw out in conversation. Everyone will be in awe. Don’t tell them how little it cost or how easy it was. You will be helping build fireplaces for your friends for two years worth of weekends!

Barton Kit

Metal tables rust. Wicker furniture can’t even hold up to a bored cat. That is why you won’t be caught with anything less than a monolithic slab on which to serve your grilled masterpieces. What do you mean it’s burnt? Char makes it taste better.

Waterloo Kit

Oh, a bar, you wanted a bar? Of course we have a bar. Just saunter over here to my totally cool four person bar and tell the old bartender what you are having. Oh me, I only drink the cheap stuff unless someone else is paying. Come to think of it, I saved so much money putting in this bar, I will have another. No barkeep, make this one the good stuff.

Are you looking for me?

Build With Roman kits offer the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way to build your outdoor living paradise.  Our kits come with detailed instructions.  You can build my outdoor fireplace in just one day!  I also have numerous free plans for you to build.  You can even see them in 3D in your own yard using your smartphone or tablet.​  Click here to learn more.

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